About Me.


Well... Firstly I shall introduce myself - I'm Hayley aka IxxyPoco. I'm a mummy & lifestyle blogger, reviewer & overall social media junkie. I love life & making people smile. I decided to build this website so I can pass on special discounts I'm given & to host some of the many reviews & collaborations I do with various companies.


We all love a bargain & we all love a good quality product... so hopefully I can help you find some sparkly gems. As you may have read in my blog, I'm also a 'weight battler' having lost 6 stone over the last 3 years. You'll find many of my recipes on here. All of my recipes are quick, hassle free & easy on the purse. You'll also find my blog on here too. 


You'll notice the contact me tab... I love hearing from you... so if you have any comments or ideas - just let me know! You can also find my links to the various social media channels that I use. 


So... Thank you for taking the time to visit my web page & get following & liking!


Love & Huggles,


Hayley xxx